Health insurance in the United States

Health insurance is the one of the main avenues for the payment of medical expenses in the United States, whether through insurance premiums, social insurance such as Medicare or a social welfare program funded by taxation.[1]
Health insurance in the United States
Public health spending via publicly subsidized insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid makes up the largest single share of the US health care spending. For the average person, most health care spending is incurred in the last years of life when costs are met by social insurance programs rather than private medical insurance.
insurance in the United States
Most people below the age of Medicare entitlement obtain their insurance from an employer based insurance scheme.
Health insurance
Persons unable to obtain insurance through an employer and wishing to be insured have to buy a policy in the individual insurance market. This is highly expensive and premiums are typically much higher than for an equivalent policy paid for by an employer.

United States Health insurance
There is considerable debate in the US regarding the health insurance system which has many critics. President Obama has called for two main reforms. That all Americans should be covered without discrimination on age or health status and that a public health insurance should compete with private providers "to boost competition and keep the private insurance industry honest".
United States Health insurances

Health insurance in the United States

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