7 Ways You’re Polluting the Earth and Your Health

Whether you’re big into green living or not, we all want to do our part to take care of the environment. You may not realize that some of the things we do are actually causing potential danger to the environment, and to our health in the process. Here we look at some surprises.

1. Not changing your filters. When you neglect to change the air filters in your home as part of your air conditioning or furnace, you are contributing to pollution. Eventually the dirt and substances that build in and around these filters end up back in the air and turn into a type of air pollution. Not only is this bad for the earth, but it also means that you are certainly not breathing in clean air and that’s never good for your health.

2. Driving too much. When you drive, you contribute to air pollution—it’s just that simple! It’s unrealistic to say that you’ll never drive, but you can and should certainly keep it to a minimum. Not only are you polluting the earth, but you’re ensuring that you don’t get proper exercise if you drive everywhere. You can try walking or riding a bike as a nice alternative that is sure to be better for you and the earth at the same time.

3. Not using energy efficient appliances. The standard appliances that so many of us have used for years can potentially emit harmful rays. Add to that the fact that these rays are not only bad for the earth, but bad for our health as well and you see the problem. You can easily switch up to more energy efficient versions of the same appliances, and you can even find them at a reasonable cost these days as well.

4. You’re eating food that isn’t organic. If you opt for organic food, you can ensure that proper methods were used in the growing and preparation. Organic means that the food comes from a natural source and method, and therefore you aren’t ingesting a bunch of additives and preservatives. By avoiding these very same preservatives, you can ensure that things such as pesticides aren’t released into the air and thus preventing potential air pollution.

5. You’re drinking bottled water. Not only do those handy little plastic water bottles equal trouble to the earth in the future, but to you as well. The plastic water bottles end up filling landfills and eventually turning into harmful chemicals that are released into the environment as they sit there. This is bad for the earth, bad for you as you breathe these toxins in, and of course help to take up precious space on good old Mother Earth.

6. You’re burning a fire for your enjoyment. While we all certainly enjoy a nice fire in the fireplace here and there, this is a great potential for air pollution. Do your best to avoid burning fires, and most definitely stay away from burning items because they emit the most harmful pollutants into the air. Yet again, this air pollution can not only damage the environment but your health as well.

7. You’re using too much water. While we all need to use water throughout our day, we are definitely overindulging. Over time, this means that additional production needs to take place and that can mean the introduction of harmful chemicals. This also means that the precious commodity of water is over utilized, and this certainly isn’t good for the earth.

Whether you realize it or not, you are likely doing your part to actually pollute the earth. Though we may not have the intent to do so, it happens very easily. Therefore if we keep an eye on some of these things and turn that awareness into changes, we can all make a difference.

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