Toronto/Vaughan music teacher

Piano is included in of the oldest modern music instrument and it has been used since the eighteenth century. Many big composers like Beethoven and Mozart made music composition by using piano. They also made many solo piano compositions. With the unique sound produced by it, piano usually categorized as romantic music instrument by many people.

Piano identical with classical music, so many people who like to play and have a very deep study about classical music they should learn how to play piano first, because piano have major influence in classical music. Nowadays it is not too difficult to find place where you can learn how to play piano, but only few of them that teach classical music. Classical music, in this modern era has lost its glory, classical music is not so popular like the new type of music like pop, rock or techno that counts on modern electricmusic instruments.

For you who live in Canada and you want to learn to play piano especially in classical music, you can learn at Cindy’s music studio. Cindy’s music studio offers RCM and ARCT lessons . The methods of teaching in this music school are stressed on the technique and musical
style so that the music played can be heard nicely. If you are interested you can visit Cindy’s music studio’s website at

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